The Potsdam Food Co-op's Cheese of the Month for March will be offered during their 2nd Thursday Sampling on March 14th. From 3:30 - 5:30 pm you will have the opportunity to sample NYS Harpersfield Farmstead Cheese made with Black IPA from Muddy River Farm Brewery, Unadilla, NY

This is a full-flavored “tilsit” cheese produced in the old European style. It is made from the milk of the Brovetto Dairy Farm's (located in the Catskill Mountains) own herd of Holsteins that have been bred to provide the proper balance of natural nutrients. This cheese is naturally aged in an on-site underground area with temperature and humidity controls. It is a hand-washed cheese with a crusty rind that protects the smooth firm interior. Its aroma is mildly pungent, and it has a buttery, fruity taste. The cheese is flavored with a black IPA made with two kinds of hops from the Muddy River Farm and Brewery.

Suggestions: Harpersfield Muddy River Black IPA Cheese, reminiscent of Swiss-style cheeses, has a firm texture that is suitable for slicing. Food pairings include sausage, smoked meats, olives, and marinated or pickled vegetables. Mustard is a suitable condiment. Harpersfield Muddy River Black IPA cheese is complemented by a robust ale or wine.

24 Elm Street, Potsdam NY 13676
Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 3:30pm to 5:30pm

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