Eric Ochranek
Board Member

Co-op Member Since: 2009

Co-op Board Member Since: 2015

What brought you to the Co-op Board?: I have a desire to work for the Co-op and give back to the community. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to accomplish that.

What will you contribute to the Co-op and the Board?: I have strong technical skills and was a critical part of the implementation of the membership card system, inventory tracking, and maintaining the Co-op’s online presence. I enjoyed doing all of that as part of the amazing team at the Co-op. I believe I offer a unique perspective as I’ve worked on the front-lines and as part of the back office. Since leaving the Co-op my technical skills have grown and I’ve earned a Master’s in Educational Technology. I support buying local, eating local, and the fair treatment of animals and humans along the way.