Erica LaFountain

Co-op Member Since: 1980s/2014

Co-op Board Member Since: 2015

What brought you to the Co-op Board?: I want to be more involved. I am proactive, and I care about the Co-op. As a mother of two young children I’ve decided not to hold a traditional job for the time being, so this is a welcome opportunity to apply myself in a different capacity.

What will you contribute to the Co-op and the Board?: I have experience with the co-op model, having participated in another food co-op as well as housing and childcare co-ops. I also have a background in organic farming, and I feel strongly about locally and directly sourcing everything we can. Perhaps I’m about the right age to connect with the younger Potsdam crowd, while being old enough to have nostalgia about the Co-op’s earlier iterations. I hope we can keep the Co-op solvent and relevant without sacrificing its character and mission.