Board Member

Our family has been patronizing the Co-op for 13 years, starting with an occasional visit when we were in the ADKs. We became members when we moved to Potsdam 4 years ago.

I've enjoyed the fellowship and community spirit of the annual meetings/dinners, many of the promotional events, and last year baked in the Baking Contest.

I have chosen to run for a seat on the Board because I have found in my previous board positions in other organizations it is an effective way to support and nurture an organization: in this case, to see our beloved Co-op thrive.

As a dietitian working with individuals in New York City I shared my intense passion for healthy and sustainable food. Subsequently, I created and owned 2 health oriented restaurants in CT that included a full scale bakery. I also attended the Culinary Institute of America's final semester focusing on the business side of food production. Consequently, I have working knowledge of food purchasing, budgets and personnel management.

I value the Co-op's dedication to quality and sustainability, and its focus on local farmers. The bakery, deli and value-added products contribute to its unique position in the marketplace. I think that trend needs to continue to ensure future viability. I enjoy business, and even though the Co-op is not for profit, it inevitably has to compete in the marketplace.

Shopping at the Co-op is always a pleasant experience, including the tone set by the staff and the added benefit of seeing neighbors and friends. My goal is to focus on outreach to expand membership and to ensure we maintain an identity that will make the Co-op the go-to place for healthy eaters and gourmands alike.