Board Member

Co-op Member since: 

I’ve been a member of the co-op since 2012, soon after I moved to the Potsdam area. Over the years, I’ve spent many hours volunteering, primarily in packaging. I also wrote an article for the Spring 2017 newsletter, considering ways we can channel more of our grocery budgets to the co-op.


Why have you chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors?

I’m running for a board position because, like you, I care very deeply about the sustained success of the co-op. However, it’s not just enough to care – in a member-owned, volunteer-focused organization, it is critical for people to get involved. So far, I’ve made my contributions through volunteer hours and purchases, and I welcome the opportunity to take on additional responsibility in the service of our co-op.


Why have you chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors?

I have substantial experience with committee work and leadership roles. I have contributed as a member of several committees as a professor at SUNY Potsdam, including some with similar structure to the Co-op Board (i.e., being a part of an executive committee, while chairing another group focused on a particular issue).  I am also the secretary-archivist for an international academic research organization, with responsibilities that are relevant to the Co-op Board (e.g., recruitment and retention, member communication, etc.).


What do you appreciate most about the Co-op? What do you think is working well?

I strongly support the co-op’s commitment to local products, and I am especially thankful for the co-op’s community atmosphere. The store is welcoming, staff members are always friendly and helpful, and it’s likely that we all, as customers, are familiar with each other – even if we’ve never met before, supporting the mission of the co-op provides a sense of shared purpose and warm familiarity.  To me, the co-op feels like home.


What interests, skill and talents will you bring to the Board of Directors?

As a member of the board, my primary goals would be to find ways to increase involvement of the current co-op membership and work to bring even more of the Potsdam community into the co-op, all while keeping true to the local, sustainable, and shared mission of our organization. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to pursue these goals. Thank you for your consideration