Joseph Andriano
Board Member

How long have you been a Co-op member?

I have been a member of the co-op since August of 2013. Joining the co-op was one of the first things that we did upon moving to the area. 

What do you appreciate most about the Co-op?

What I appreciate most about our co-op is that it is a vital part of our community. I love that a trip to the co-op is so much more than just a shopping experience. During a trip to the co-op I almost always see someone I know and end up having a good conversation. Additionally, I appreciate that the co-op produces such high quality prepackaged food. From our breads to our soups to everything in between, every day there is something tasty and irresistible being cooked up.

What opportunities have you had to be involved in the Co-op?

I was a core worker in the Carriage House Bakery from September 2013 until July of 2014, when I had to leave my position due to work obligations. I loved being a core worker--it was incredible to be part of the co-op in that way, and I suggest everyone try it if they are able!

Why have you chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors?

I have chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors for two reasons. First, I had to leave my core worker position, and I wanted to find a way to remain involved in a manner that would better fit my work schedule. Second, I have extensive non-profit experience that I would like to bring to the table. I have served as a member of the Board of Directors of Windsor County Partners (a youth mentoring non-profit), was a founding board member of Royalton Community Radio (a community radio station), and currently serve on the board of TAUNY. I also have managed Kingdom County Productions, a film and arts non-profit in Vermont. I believe that my extensive experience in this field will be an asset to helping to grow and sustain this institution that I love.

My Vision for the Co-op is for it to continue to be a vital community resource for healthy food, and to be a place where people can come together and share their passion for local and sustainable food practices.