Board Member

I am a middle and high school English teacher. I am a 46R and a rescue-level scuba diver. I am a reader of books and a drinker of coffee. I am a mother of a son. I am a poet. I am a Virgo. I am a gardener. I love leaving the North Country, and I love returning home to the North Country. I try to live as conscientiously as possible.

Time has gotten away from me, but I think I’ve been a member of the co-op since 2009 or 2010. When I initially joined the co-op, I worked in packaging. It was gratifying to see all those little packages stuffed with their little twist-ties neatly holding them closed. And I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations I had with people of all walks of life I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Thereafter, my husband and I were your after-hours produce cooler cleaners! We did that job for over a year. Now I am on the newsletter committee where I enjoy playing with language and fixing comma splices.

I appreciate that the co-op is more than a grocery store. It is a gathering space, an educational center, and a hub of community activity and events. As a vegetarian and someone who is health-conscious and environmentally-conscious, I appreciate that the co-op is a place I can shop without worrying about the products I’m purchasing for my family and myself. I also appreciate that, at the co-op, the employees and general manager are open to suggestions and ideas of their customers and are always striving to bring in new products and have new community events, while making sure to keep old favorites around too. At the co-op, I feel like more than a customer. I really have the sense of membership.

I view the co-op as an important hub of our community. This community has given me so much; I am eager for opportunities to serve my community. I see sitting on the Board of Directors of the co-op as the next step in my involvement in what I view as an essential element of Potsdam.

I have experience in event planning, fundraising, editing and writing. I am a skilled public speaker and neurotically well-organized. I am enthusiastic, forward-thinking, and eager to engage in any opportunity to make Potsdam a better place.