Board Member

How long have you been a Co-op member?

I’ve been a member of the Potsdam Food Coop since we moved here in 1995.  Before that we were members of the Moscow, Idaho Food Coop for 6 years from 1989-95 (my husband, Ed Clark, founded the bakery there and worked as their Marketing person.)  During the 1970s in California and in England, I was a member of a few different cooperatives, some around food and others that had to do with housing, car ownership and childcare.

What do you appreciate most about the Co-op? What do you think is working well?

I’m very happy to have local and organic food that I know is fresh and sourced from places that value the Earth and all living things.  I am gluten-free and also appreciate the variety of foods available for me to choose from.  I think it is great we have the freshest herbs and spices in the region that are in bulk.  Our bulk foods are as fresh as possible.  I also appreciate our great staff!  There are many many aspects of the Coop I appreciate and that I think work well.

What opportunities have you had to be involved in the Co-op?

I have worked as a Core Worker in the Bakery for a short stint in 2006 and then Ed and I moved to doing the Herbs and Spices since 2007.  I have had a few breaks from Herbs and Spices over the last 11 years because of personal circumstances that took me away for a while.  But I have returned to doing the Herbs and Spices (and added Teas a few years ago.)  and really enjoy the morning routine and making sure that this part of our Coop looks good and is providing the freshest herbs and spices that we can from responsible sources.

Why have you chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors?

I am appointed for one year and then will consider running for a Board seat.  I think the Board positions are very important.  The Board represents and has a responsibility to the membership, all the membership, of the Coop.  We are the stewards and dreamers.

What interests, skill and talents will you bring to the Board of Directors?

I have many years of experience in theatre production which brings with it the appreciation of the complexities of how to manage time, people and resources in healthy and positive ways.  While I appreciate that the Board does not “manage” per se , we can bring our expertise of management challenges to advise and support our management team.  

I am also interested in how we can expand our services and products to meet the needs of our North Country families and communities.