General Manager


What brings you to Potsdam if you’re not from the area originally?

North County born and raised, I've spent the last decade or so in the American West but am excited to be back in the area with my partner Nicole and our cat Captain.


What do you like about working at the Co-op?

The co-op is one of the organizations that elevates the culture in the Canton Potsdam area. We have a long history of bringing together heterogeneous communities around a shared passion for good food. I look forward to updating and expanding the co-op's role so the next generation of North Country residents can continue to enjoy the best of what's around. Local food is much more than a trend here, it's a way of life.


Do you have a favorite product that the Co-op sells?

Local organic produce! The St. Lawrence Valley has some incredible farmers and the co-op is blessed to have long-standing relationships with most of them. In season we stock an incredibly broad selection of veggies and fruit, all for very reasonable prices. Right now my favorite items are probably Dan Kent's psychedelic romanesco cauliflower and Birdsfoot's late season cilantro, served up in a veggie taco with Poor Devil Pepper Company's dank hot sauce.


What’s something others might not know about you?

I grew up off the grid in Pierrepont so I didn't have much access to stereo equipment as a kid but since then I've developed a love for loud sounds. I'm looking forward to digging out my record collection and setting up speakers at our new house in the village. Favorite LP? Probably Neil Young's "Tonight's the Night" but this time of year Earth's "Hibernaculum" is on heavy rotation. Plus I've never met a '70s reggae record I couldn't enjoy and will buy almost any hip hop single from the early '90s I can find.