Board Member

How long have you been a Co-op Member? 3+ years.

What do you appreciate most about the Co-op? What do you think is working well? I appreciate the value such a place brings to the community by promoting healthy, whole food options, an assortment of products from NY-based farms and vendors and the opportunity for neighbors to come together in an accessible way. Any establishment that honors the past while promoting present and future environmental and economic wellness should not be taken for granted. Specifically, I appreciate the prepared deli options, the coffee/tea/soup bar, and the selection of personal care products. The Co-op makes my lunch 3-4x a week and helps me support environmentally-conscious businesses.

What opportunities have you had to be involved in the Co-op? I have only been a member-owner up to this point.

Why have you chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors? was approached by a co-worker who is a member of the Board, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become more involved in a local place I feel so passionate about. My husband and I moved to the North Country four years ago, and I was grateful a place like the Potsdam Food Coop existed so close to my work and home. Anything I can do to strengthen it as a pillar of the community, along with secure its future stability, is important to me.

What interests, skill, and talents will you bring to the Board of Directors? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, with a concentration in Radio/ TV/Film and Writing Arts. I am skilled in writing, proofreading, various computer applications and software, marketing and all levels of communications. I also have experience in retail/merchandising and website maintenance, along with having volunteered at The READ Center in Richmond, VA and currently at the Potsdam Humane Society. On a personal level I am interested in organic/local farming, cooking in my crock pot, nutrition-related causes, such as childhood hunger and food deserts, and personal well-being through nutrition. I am talented in creative writing and painting, and love the arts, music and my tabby cat, Elmer.