Vice President

I first visited the co-op when I was a college summer intern at North Country Public Radio in 2010. I became a member the following summer when I again worked at the radio station, and again when I returned to the North Country full time in 2013. 

Since then, I’ve shopped at the co-op regularly, but usually only for certain items - bulk foods that are harder to find, some beloved produce, prepared lunches I can grab on the go, and the best bread in the North Country. My husband Joseph Andriano is on the board, so we talk about the co-op a lot--and often end up there when we’re out for a quick lunch!  

About me: I have a BA in English and American Literature from Middlebury College and an MBA from Clarkson University. I started my career as a reporter with North Country Public Radio and now run my own content marketing firm while doing some writing on the side. I’m interested in helping the co-op modernize its marketing efforts in order to drive sales, boost membership and engagement, and educate the community about local foods and all that the co-op has to offer.


(Sarah has been chosen by the board to finish the term of a board member who resigned. She will run in the next board election in February 2019. Welcome Sarah!)