Board Member Stefan Grimberg
Board Member

How long have you been a Co-op member?

We moved to the North Country December 1995 and I believe we joined the Co-op soon after we arrived.  So more than 20 years…


What opportunities have you had to be involved in the Co-op?

I have been on the building and grounds committee. Over the past several years I have been cleaning bins weekly as part of my 20% discount work requirements.  Before that I served on the board for one term, serving as the board president for one year.


Why have you chosen to run for a seat on the Board of Directors?

I believe my experience as a prior board member would be helpful to the current Board.  Several Board members resigned the Board in the past year to changes in the individual’s lives.  With that turnover I think I can offer some perspective to the new members.


What interest, skill and talents will you bring to the Board of Director?

As a past Board member and past Board President I think I can apply my leadership skills to the Board.  I am also particularly interested in working with the membership to formulate a concrete plan forward for the Co-op.  


What do I appreciate about the Co-op?

I appreciate the community, access to local food and knowing where the food is coming from.  This is a unique community that makes Potsdam very special. We need to make sure the Co-op stays vibrant and relevant serving the Potsdam community!


What is missing at the Co-op?

The Co-op has a lot of things going for itself.  We need to make sure the offering stays relevant and meets the needs of its customers/owners.  I think we need a better offering of deli and prepared food offerings. I also think that a bigger bulk section would better meet the needs of the Co-op membership by reducing packaging waste and hopefully reducing prices.


What is the future vision of the Co-op?

Given the financial realities to operate a store that pays fair wages to its employees I think we need a serious look of what Co-op model is viable for Potsdam.  I know that we have a special community at the Co-op who are ready to work together when a well formulated proposals is presented to the membership. I am very interested to working on such a proposal.