Board Member

Co-op Member since: 2012

Favorite Co-op Item? The bakery and deli – best lunch options in town.

What brought you to the Co-op Board? I moved to the North Country in 2012. The Co-op played a large part in educating me about the local community and the good people helping to make foodways more sustainable. For the last three years, I have enjoyed being a co-op member. During that time, I had the opportunity to take on a work-share role in the bakery. I am now excited by the possibility of embarking on a leadership role and to contribute to the collective in a greater capacity.

What will you contribute to the Co-op and the Board? I am an assistant professor of anthropology at SUNY Potsdam. As an academic, my work broadly examines people/environmental interactions in the past and present. These interests permeate through all aspects of my life. My family and I currently own a small hobby farm where we produce fruits and vegetables. We also have chickens that my four-year-old son named after members of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Chic-Jagger produces wonderful eggs. As a co-op board member, I would bring an ability to engage with a diverse public. In doing so, I hope to expand the co-op’s role in education and outreach. For instance, I would like to see more involvement with the campus communities. There’s growing awareness among college students of the importance of local, sustainable and just food systems. The co-op plays an important part of this in the Potsdam area. I would work to strength these ties to help continually revitalize the membership base. I envision a future where people not only shop, but spend time at the co-op. I truly feel we have some of the best lunch items in town. It’s exciting to see the new lunch counter, which will provide a warm place to enjoy food, friends and family during the cold winter months.