4 Steps To Heal And Seal Your Gut Lining: Gut Health Part Two

4 Steps To Heal And Seal Your Gut Lining: Gut Health Part Two

  1. Whole foods 100% of the time. The body was not meant to eat refined, manufactured
    foods and then have to process out of the body this manufactured “food” with its food
    science chemicals, additives, and the refined substances contained in them.
    Organic whole food is very important. Organic foods are more nutritionally dense in vitamins,
    minerals, and phytonutrients. Agricultural chemicals used in non-organic food growing
    interfere with both gut lining and gut microbiome health. Eating organic is a positive double
    whammy. I invite you to research glyphosate and other agricultural chemicals’ impact on the gut lining and gut microbial health.
  2. Elimination of gluten: wheat, rye, and barley are gluten-containing grains.
    Gluten contributes to zonulin release in the gut and the downstream effect of opening up the
    protective tight junctions in the gut wall. This cascade of events contributes to the medical
    condition called Increased Intestinal Permeability, commonly known as leaky gut syndrome.
    Click here for information on zonulin and gluten to better explain intestinal permeability.

Consider eliminating all grains, for a period of time, to support the healing of the gut lining. Grains are closely related, genetically, and can induce a grain mimicry response in the gut. So even though you have not eaten any gluten, through the grain mimicry response, gut inflammation has been initiated. The consumption of wheat, and other cereal grains, can initiate a pro-inflammatory
immune response contributing to chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases by increasing
intestinal permeability.

gut lining

Read all ingredients in gluten-free foods you are considering purchasing. Again, whole food
eating is of importance here. Most gluten-free products are a blend of highly refined
carbohydrates: white rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato starches to name a few. While these
ingredients are definitely gluten-free, they are also very refined and a metabolic nightmare to
your body cells. Read labels and opt for 100% whole food, gluten-free options.

  1. Eliminating dairy can be quite helpful especially IF you struggle with an auto-
    immune condition.
    Some people tolerate dairy IF the dairy products are:
    • from goat or sheep (A2 casein genetics)
    • from organically & pasture-raised animals
    • the milk is raw, not pasteurized or homogenized
    • some people tolerate cow’s milk if it is raw, organic, pasture-raised, and A2
    casein genetics (not A1 genetics).

Generally, I recommend people avoid cow’s milk completely until long after they have healed
their gut and auto-immune condition.

Dairy elimination, for many months, to benefit the body’s healing, with a re-introduction of high-
quality dairy later may or may not work.

Paying attention to how your body interacts with and reacts to foods is a key to vibrant health.

  1. Heal & Seal the gut lining: Give this stage of your healing journey a minimum of 4
    weeks. Be very aware that gut lining healing may take longer depending on how long the
    gut’s health has been disrupted. See information below about healing time. Generally
    speaking, and this will vary from person to person, plan for 1 month of healing for each
    year of ill health. Relax into it; you are on a journey of growth and discovery.
    The below list are options for healing the gut lining. You do not need to use every
    recommendation. Instead, pick options that make sense to your gut intuition, will work in
    your lifestyle (and tastes), and add them to your daily habits. Slow and steady change
    wins the race. Ill health does not happen overnight and the road to recovery is best lined
    with patience and light-heartedness. Our attitudes and thoughts play a huge role in healing.

• Aloe juice to reduce inflammation and heal the gut lining.
• Slippery elm and/or marshmallow root powder. You can take both in capsules or you can buy the powder in bulk and mix it into yogurt (see dairy info above), applesauce,
smoothies, etc. You can also make tea out of them both. Making medicinal teas is a bit
different than dunking a tea bag for a few minutes. See medicinal tea-making hints

Marshmallow root is a bit more of a sustainable product: Marshmallow is easier and quicker
to grow to harvest the roots than growing elm trees to harvest the inner bark.
I do recommend the slippery elm or marshmallow root as one choice. It helps to coat, heal,
and seal the gut lining.

• Cabbage juice is healing the gut lining.
• Bone broth is an amazing healing food for the gut lining. It is easy to make at home: in
the oven on low heat (220F) or in a crock pot on low heat. I wrote a Co-op article in
August 2016: Bone Broth: What Is the Hype.
• L-Glutamine powder: 3 to 10 grams daily in water or high-quality juice between meals. I
also, mix it into goat’s milk yogurt with nut butter and slippery elm bark or marshmallow

Warning: Some people do not tolerate L-Glutamine because of a condition termed leaky
brain syndrome. Leaky Brain is much like leaky gut only this is about substances crossing
the blood-brain barrier that are not supposed to cross. I invite you to research leaky brain
syndrome to create awareness around it in case l-Glutamine bothers you. Healing is an
invitation into learning how your body works in health so you can understand what is
happening when ill health symptoms prevail.

When adding new substances to your body, always start out with very low doses and go
slowly when increasing dosages. This low and slow habit allows you to catch weird impacts
before they are uncomfortable and out of control.
• Healthy fats: avocados, pasture-raised butter (A2 casein), fish oil, flax, black currant oil,
olive oil. All oils consumed are best when they are organic & cold-pressed from a high-
quality company.
• Completely avoid sugars, GMO foods, and agricultural chemicals as they contribute to
leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability). I know I am repeating myself here but it is
important healing information.

Gut Lining Health Tea: Slippery Elm or Marshmallow Root Medicinal Infusion

Use these guidelines for making any Herbal Medicine Teas. Hard parts of plants such as bark
pieces, roots in chunks, and seeds need a slightly different medicine-making method. You can
look up how to make a medicinal decoction. I have this information on my website under the
free self-healing information.
• Boil water. 
• Measure leaf and flower herbs while water is heating. 
• Use approximately 1 rounded teaspoon of dried herbs per 8 oz. cup of water. 
• To make a stronger medicinal infusion, use more herbs. 
• When water is boiling: shut off the heat source, add dried herbs, and gently stir into the hot
• Cover your pot immediately and let the infusion steep for at least 30 minutes before
drinking any of your medicine.

I make medicinal infusions at night so I can let the infusion steep, covered, overnight to make a
deeply infused and strong medicinal tea. This long steep is different than dunking a tea bag for
2-3 minutes.
• I place the herb-infused pot of water in the oven and heat my oven to 200F.
• I shut off the oven once it warms to 200F and leave the pot in the oven overnight.
• Sometimes I set a timer to let the tea steep at the 200F for about an hour or so, then I
shut the oven off before I go to bed.
• In the AM, I strain and bottle my herbal medicine.

L-Glutamine & Gut Healing Time, it is important to be aware of time frames and place yourself
into deep healing mode. Creating dis-ease in the body did not happen overnight.
Healing takes time, Love, & patience.

“When it comes to repairing the gut, L-Glutamine is an excellent choice. Thanks to regeneration, new cells are created in the gut every few days, while the old cells are removed from the body. L-Glutamine plays a key role in this process by helping to quickly restore the gut lining and regenerate newer, healthier cells naturally. These new cells are the key to repairing the intestines and eliminating leaky gut. Thanks to L-Glutamine, the healing typically starts within 30 days, with it being repaired in approximately 12 weeks. For those with chronic health problems in the intestines, healing may take anywhere from 12 to 24 months in most cases.”

Dr. Daniel Pompa

Be sure to read Gut Health Part One. And stay tuned for part 3: Stress in Gut Health & Probiotics.

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