Quick Fixes And Silver Bullets To Whole Body Health

Quick Fixes And Silver Bullets To Whole Body Health


This week, I am going to step away from food, the weekly food is nourishment writing, and talk about whole-body health. I laugh as I write that sentence because whole foods are whole-body health. And trust me, my fingers are wanting to talk about beets, all the wonders of beets, but I will get to the virtues of beets at another time.

For the past 6 months, the world has been focused on staying healthy by avoiding microbes. What people need to do to create health, and prevent sickness, is whole-body health care. I differentiate this from sick care, symptom care, which is the standard of care in our current western medical system.

Almost daily I receive emails, texts, FB messages, and Instagram messages asking me for quick fixes (silver bullets)  for all sorts of health symptoms and ills. I have stopped replying with suggestions. Truly, for me to even consider responding to these messages is unethical on my part as it does not serve the person’s best interests. I need to know a person’s lifetime health history, to see the interplay of their life and lifestyle habits on their symptoms, before making suggestions. Feathering out the root causes, from a person’s health history, is a huge part of the evaluation process.

No Quick Fixes For Whole Body Health

Quick fixes do not exist for problems that have settled into our bodies over a lifetime of less than optimal lifestyle habits. Truly, it takes motivation to change. Change takes commitment to the process for the “fix” to be created. And… the fix is a lifetime process, a lifetime commitment. When we reach the goal, be it weight loss or the end of some cluster of ill health symptoms, our wellness walk is not over. The walk is a walk of life and for life: a commitment to self to make the best choices every day for one’s cellular health and overall vital wellness.

Once we start feeling better, reach our health goals, if we return to the habits that created the ill-health symptoms, to begin with… well, the ill-health symptoms will return. When we stop to consider this, I suspect this would be recognized as common sense thinking. 

Now I will tell you this: sometimes there are quick-relief strategies for problems and symptoms. What I mean is, I can suggest a little tweak here and a little tweak there to give quick relief for some issues while we work to get at the underlying reason these problems exist. Then we can work on changing what needs to be changed to get rid of the problem symptoms, hopefully forever.

*Examples Of Some Quick Relief Strategies For Whole Body Health: 

  • Muscle spasms and cramps (especially at night making you shoot up out of bed in crazed agony): take magnesium 400 mg at bedtime and drink more pure water throughout your day. The form of magnesium that is best for your constitutional needs, well, that is revealed in thorough health history. 
  • Constipation: again, magnesium (of the citrate variety) will assist here. Also include these changes: more fruits and veggies, more pure water, move your body daily, and maybe use some herbs for a bit of relief until we can correct the underlying issues creating constipation/stagnation in your intestinal tract.
  • Sleep issues (keep in mind sleep issues can vary from having trouble falling asleep, to staying asleep, to experiencing quality deep sleep): magnesium can help here as well while one gets off the caffeine and sugar roller coaster, increases whole food eating, gets outside and moves daily in the fresh air and natural light. There are many herbal tea blends that include herbs to help fall asleep, stay asleep, and induce a deeper sleep. Be certain you are properly steeping your herbs into medicinal infusions. See the instructions below. 
  • Burning in the lower digestive tract often responds to a bit of slippery elm or marshmallow root powder. This quick relief is not dealing with the root cause and therefore is but a band-aid over the underlying problem. Use the remedy while work is being done to unravel and eliminate the root cause(s).

* keep in mind these quick fix examples are not long-term solutions but rather a “get me over the hump until we can figure better long-term, lifestyle solutions.”

Whole Body Health

I Love The Stories Of Transformation And Self-Healing

For example, this person who over 2 years… it is about the long haul and commitment to self, went from a 340-pound ill-health human with serious cardiac issues; severe back, hip, knee, and ankle/feet issues; diabetes; depression being treated with 3 medications; high blood pressure controlled with medication, medicated thyroid issues, and lipid profile concerns (think cholesterol and so much more) to a 175 pound human with no health issues, no medications, and a healthy, fit body free from disease and depression.

Changes this human made to self-heal: (these were the big changes, there were others specific to this person’s needs)

  • Whole food eating habits
  • Zero sugar
  • Daily movement: gym workouts, Nature walks, Yoga, shoveling snow, stacking wood, raking leave (no leaf blowers here!), etc.
  • Sunshine and fresh air every day 
  • Inner Conscious Connection work: how they think about themself and their interactions with self and the world
  • Hydration with pure water – no chlorine & fluoride (hard on thyroid health)
  • Whole food vitamin as a health insurance policy on restoring vital nutrients to the body cells
  • Sleep hygiene: 8 hours of high-quality sleep
  • Gut health work
  • Deep breathing to keep the lungs and whole body, each and every cell, supplied with oxygen

What made this person decide to change? They had an “ah-ha” moment and realized their body was falling apart from long-term poor treatment. It was a conscious decision to choose health. 

Vital Health Transformation

I want to relate this chronic health illness to a vital health transformation story to how we can use these same health habits to prevent acute microbial illnesses. In 6 months, we have become a culture very concerned, maybe obsessed, with avoiding microbes of all varieties. Our best medicine, in the prevention of acute microbial ills, is the very same lifestyle medicine we can use to prevent and/or restore health from chronic, debilitating, lifestyle diseases. 

When we care for the body, in a whole food – whole health manner, we create deep vital health. This vital health is what builds an immune system capable of living in harmony with the microbes in our world. Our whole body is a weaving together of human cells and microbial cells (Think of the microbiome in our guts as one example. Every part of your body is inhabited with normal flora, microbes.) that function like a symphony when we care for our physical selves. 

Combine whole health living with common sense hygiene habits, say washing hands at appropriate times, and our immune systems work well in keeping us healthy. 

I will also compare this to organic, sustainable soil health. To grow healthy, vital food, we support soil health by giving it what it needs, caring for the soil naturally. When we whole health care for our bodies, we are caring for the human soil, our flesh, in this same manner. This is natural health and healing. 

Making Herbal Medicinal Infusions

Boil water.  Measure leaf and flower herbs while water is heating.  Use approximately 1 rounded teaspoon of dried herbs per 8 oz. cup of water.  To make a stronger medicinal infusion, use more herbs.  Once your water is boiling, shut off the heat and add dried herbs.  Cover pot and let steep for at least 20 minutes.  I make medicinal infusions at night so I can let the infusion steep, covered, overnight to make a deeply infused and strong medicinal tea. In the AM, strain, and bottle.

When making a sleep tea: prepare the tea at least an hour before you want to use it. I put the dried herbs or herbal tea bags into a quart canning jar, pour boiling water over the herbs, and place the cover on. Allow to steep for an hour and enjoy at bedtime. Keep the jar at your bedside. If you need to get up in the night, use the bathroom, for example, drink another cup and sweet dreams. 

PS: I will remind every reader that the information in this article is my wisdom and experience, not the views of the Potsdam Food Co-op, from my training in both western medicine (RN) and holistic modalities.

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